Awesome Gifts For Men/Women Book Lovers


Nothing would be apparently much better than presenting a gift to someone based on something that intrigues them in real life. Take for instance men and women who have an undying taste for certain characters in comic books. Shopping around for something that resembles or relates to the comic characters is a sure way to put that smile on the Comic book lover’s face. While some gifts may come at a price due to the expertise used in their creation, there are also those which you could easily access at a very affordable price. Below are some of the gift ideas which should top your list.



  • Blu-ray disc versions of the comic book sets

Isn’t this just amazing. Reading is great, I agree, but watching each and every scene as it unfolds is more interesting. Nowadays, there are even collections for the whole book series which you could purchase for that friend, lover or family member whom you know to have a passion of comic books. Alternatively, treat out that person whom you know loves comic books to a theatre, showcasing either amazing Spiderman or justice league or the dark night and much more.

  • Jewelry

This most applies to women fanatics of comic books. There are several jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets which are more concentrated on the look of a certain character of a comic book. Even though it may not be a hero’s symbol, there are plenty of heroines who also reign in the world of comic books such as wonder woman. The jewelry pieces can be engraved with Spiderman’s or batman’s signature look and still look sassy and classy.

  • Clothes

You can never lack a t-shirt, jammies, hoodies or hats which have comic book characters on them. It’s always nice to have one of those t-shirts written in red and blue screaming out that “I LOVE SUPERMAN” or just a plain t-shirt with the drawing of superman. The best thing with clothes is that some have resemblance to the superheroes costumes which always brings out the love you have. Nonetheless, you can have a costume specifically made and designed to fit your superhero.

  • Accessories

Well, it may be hard for a grownup to wear something that’s so conspicuous of batman’s or captain america’s drawing. Not that it’s wrong but it just proves too hard to walk into the office so. However, there are a variety of accessories you can match up with your suit and rock that official heroic look that will leave your colleagues envious. There are plenty of logo cufflinks, phone cases, watches and even wallets with comic book characters all over which you can carry along to complement your look.

  • Toys and gadgets

Comic book collectors would so much appreciate toys and gadgets which are associated to the comic book superheroes. As rare as they are, they’re worth each and every penny they cost. Nonetheless, the person whom you’re gifting will be entirely grateful for such a wonderful thought. Toys and gadgets are one of the few things in this world that don’t run out of style. No matter how many years pass by and one gets older, a toy or gadget imprinted with invisible woman, hulk’s or black widow’s character will always do the tricks.