Geeky, Comic Wedding Invitations


When planning a wedding, it gets to when you have to send out invitations for your guests. Well for your wedding why not try something different from the normal and cliché cards. Put in some geekiness into your wedding invitation making it memorable to all you invite. Be different from the rest. Make them this way.


1. Using a comic book.

You can make a comic book from your invitation narrating your love story. This is a nice cute way to explain to people just how far you two have come. Even if not the whole story, you can try the proposal or any other story you would want in the comic. This way your guests will always have a short story of you with them.

2. Using action figures.

Well if expenses are not a problem, the use of an action figure as your invitation card can be a bit comical. Invite people with a bit of your geeky, comic side on the invitation. You can use a well-known action figure such as super man and wonder woman with both of your faces. This is an interesting and unique way to be invited to a wedding.

3. Use some scientific way, the periodic table.

Isn’t science just great at times? It can be a great way to have your invitations. Scientifically speaking, if you did love science you can make people love your wedding more by having it as a periodic table. Let people read it from math.

4. View master.

A little way to put your story out there is this. Use your photos in a view master to invite people. You can use the whole family or jus the two of you in the view master.

5. Using a diploma certificate

Remind people of the days in school. Let them remember school and the good time they had there. Be creative and let them see you guys scored the highest now that you are getting married
There are many places and shops where you can order your custom made and unique wedding invitations.