The Best Webcomics

AA> webcomic is a comic on a website. This is a very interesting way to put a story out there. It is way easier than before and faster. It is interesting and fun to do. This is the new way that has been embraced by most of the modern comic book writers. It is also the best way for the current generation considering they spent most of their time in the internet and the social media.
Here are some of the best comic books in the market.

1. Nimona


This book is on a supervillain and the sidekick who has a vendetta. The sidekick is however in it for fun. Nimona, the sidekick has a knack for shapeshifting. With this power, she is the best partner for Blackbaster. This a book that touches on all ages with different themes and the different ages finding different reasons to read it. This book was initially for the teens.


2. Hyperbole and a half


A collection of autobiographies, coupled with essays and cartoons the author has decided to add into the book. This book has different stories from the author’s blog. This is what he deems fit to share. Because of the different stories, this book has a wider fun base. Different people will find interest in the different books. It is a funny and straight to the point kind of book.


3. Machine and death

A book on how the news of your death would affect you. It is a book that looks into the effect of the presence of the Machine- the object predicting your death would affect your life. It looks into the different cultures, societies and communities. This is book on fantasies and the ‘what ifs’ of life. A book widely ready by most people for the interest in life.

4. A.D: New Orleans after the Deluge


A book on the life of people in New Orleans after the catastrophic Catarina storm. This is however real unlike most of the other comic books. It is real life stories of these people.
As time goes by books have now started changing into the virtual world. The development of comic books has not been left behind. This is a very nice way to put the books out there.