The Top 10 Rare Comics

Comic books have been around since the early 30s, with kids spending a dime per comic book, it’s amazing what they are worth today in mint condition. Who would’ve ever known that these colorful books would be worth more what some people can make in a lifetime, if even that at all.
With the top comic covers, the most expensive comic books, the most action packed plots…etc. comes the RAREST comic books found in today’s comic book industry. Taking a look at the top 10 rare comics begins with #1.

1. Action Comics, SUPERMAN: Issue #1,
“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s,…it’s…it’s Superman!” The first appearance of the 1938 issue of Action Comics had an issue of Superman holding up a green car preventing it from destroying what was nearby. There are two men running away from him and the car he holds up and a lady running the other direction. The illustration is simple and plain, but it’s the comic book, the intro of Superman to the world of comic lovers a couple of years right before America goes into upheaval (War). He is the true American hero. Action Comics #800 had another issue come out celebrating it’s anniversary with the same cover-spoof, but with a more detailed illustration. There are two men in the #800 issue, instead of one woman and two men the first issue had. (Value: $470,000) *A very fine grade which is 8.5 copy of the Superman issue sold at an auction in March 2010 for $1,500,000; although, it’s estimated that a near mint one is valued at $2,100,000, today.

2. Detective Comics 27
Debuting “Batman” in the Detective Comics 27 illustrates for the first time to comic lovers the “caped mysterious superhero”. As he’s swinging in the air, he lifts a bad guy and two other men, whom are the enemies, point a gun at him. This rare comic sold for a dime in 1939, yet, in February 2010, the Detective Comics 27 was sold at an auction for $1,075,000. It’s estimated that the value today is $1,650,000 in mint condition.

3. Superman 1
Since Superman (1939) became popular for the kids, it was obvious that DC Comics had to come up with Superman’s own issue in the summer of 1939. Superman 1 hits the newsstands with it’s own the hero’s complete story is told in the first issue. Also sold for a dime in 1939, the value of it today is $550,000 if in mint condition.

4. Marvel Comics #1
The Human Torch which was published in October 1939, came out with the appearance in Marvel Comics #1 for it’s premier. In October, Timely Comics printed only 80,000 copies; Timely Comics was Marvel Comics former name. Within a couple of weeks, they all sold out. Supply and demand proved true, because Timely Comics printed more (another 800,000) the following month (November). If you happen to buy Marvel Comics, seek out the October 1939 issue. Marvel Comics #1 is $420,000 if in mint condition today.

5. Flash Comics #1
One of the rarest and most legendary comics in the world which came out in 1940 of January. The Flash Comics #1 featured the Flash for the first time, yet a very limited amount of copies were published. Hence, the rarest of them are yet to be found. During the month of March 12, 2010, one was sold at an auction for $450,000 at a near mint plus grade (9.6). One of CGC’s highest graded Flash Comics #1 yet. The value of a 9.4 near mint, $410,000.

6. Batman #1
Batman #1 is considered one of the “most coveted” comics today; like Superman, following several comic issues, featuring the likes of Batman in Detective Comics, Batman did earn his own comic book series…a year later than Superman, yet, Batman debuted in 1940 of April. Originally, a kid can buy one for a dime. Today, he’d have to spend about $320,000…if he wanted a near mint condition of Batman Comic #1.

7. All-American Comics #16
The Golden Age Green Lantern made his appearance for the first time in the most wanted All-American Comics #16. Published by DC Comics in 1940 of July and originally sold for a dime, in near mint condition, the value of an All-American Comics #16 is $290,000.

8. Detective Comics #1
The longest running comic book being published today is the Detective Comics book. So, since the first one came out, the Detective Comics #1 (1937), was so popular and trendy then, it holds that record for longest run. Because of it’s success, nevertheless, this is what gave DC Comics it’s current name. Hence, those DC Comics fanatics and comic book collectors are hovering over comic book events, shops, comic cons all over to fetch a copy of the Detective Comics #1. Near mint condition’s value is $275,000.

9. Amazing Fantasy 15
The one comic that introduced the Amazing Spider-Man. He was considered the “new kind of superhero” which being teen himself, was a regular boy with the same problems, insecurities, and such as any teen would have today. Published in 1962 of August, it’s a rarity to find. The Amazing Fantasy 15’s estimated value is $240,000.

10. Captain America Comics #1
One year before America went to WWII, Captain America was introduced to the comic book world. The infamous Hitler is being punched by him in the jaw on the cover of Captain America Comics #1. Making it ironic and a rarity in comic book history. Valued today at 185,000 if near mint condition.
With all their glory, these comic books hit the hearts of young boys, and maybe girls, back when they originally came out. It’s great to see them still running in the printing presses, and what’s more awesome is that people will go to great lengths to buy one at top dollar for a keepsake, maybe even to pass down to the next generation in their family tree, or flip-it and sell it for more at another auction!