The History of Action

Battle Stations!

Battle Stations!Action’s carcass was consumed by Battle on the 19th November 1977.

The Death of Action

The Death of ActionThis is the cover for the final issue of Action, dated 12th November 1977.

The Resurrection

The ResurrectionWe’re back! We’re sensational! We’re Action.

The ‘Lost’ Issue

The 'Lost' IssueThis is the cover for Action from the 23rd October 1976.

Comic Strip Hooligans

Comic Strip HooligansA COMIC read by 180,000 children each week was accused yesterday of pandering to violence.

The Sevenpenny Nightmare

The Sevenpenny NightmareA GIANT shark snaps off a man’s head in one crimson-splashed chomp.

Aargh Lives

Aargh LivesAction is an explosive new paper of the Seventies – read it and get caught in the blast!

Media Backlash

Media BacklashPious, preaching, patronising, condescending, contrite and contemptible.

Promotional Material

Promotional MaterialFor a new boys’ comic, Action’s launch was a big budget affair.

The Competition

The CompetitionIn the same week Action hit the shelves, DC Thomson launched its rival publication, Bullet.

The Birth of Action

The Birth of ActionThe first issue of Action, dated 14th of February 1976, was on the shelves a week earlier.

A Brief History of Action

A Brief History of ActionWith a lead-time of only three months, IPC Magazines’ Editorial Director John Sanders asked freelance writer Pat Mills to produce a comic that was different, realistic and bang up to date, using gritty characters and graphic, hard-hitting storylines.